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On Friday the 13th, Don't Be Freaked Out by the 'Micromoon'
A full moon on Friday the 13th is spooky enough, but hold on to your black cats. September's full moon will also be a "micromoon." Skywatchers in Central…
Sep 13, 2019 22:48 UTC Science Read More

No Laughing Matter: A Woman's Guffaw Results in a Dislocated Jaw
A doctor rushed to her aid and managed to reset her jaw.
Sep 13, 2019 21:24 UTC Science Read More

Gemini observatory captures multicolor image of first-ever interstellar comet
The first-ever comet from beyond our Solar System has been successfully imaged by the Gemini Observatory in multiple colors. The image of the newly…
Sep 13, 2019 20:32 UTC Science Read More

India and Israel's moon landings failed: Why final descent is so hard
India's Vikram moon lander, part of its Chandrayaan-2 mission, crashed into the lunar surface last week. It was the country's first attempt at a soft landing on the…
Sep 13, 2019 17:29 UTC Science Read More

A Second Interstellar Visitor Is Approaching Our Solar System
The second interstellar visitor on record is almost certainly inbound to our solar system. Scientists will be tracking the object…
Sep 13, 2019 17:19 UTC Science Read More

Universe might be 2 billion years younger, shocking study says
The universe is assumed to be roughly 13.7 billion years old, but a stunning new study says it could be significantly younger than that — by a couple of billion…
Sep 13, 2019 17:18 UTC Science Read More

The enigma of bronze age tin
The origin of the tin used in the Bronze Age has long been one of the greatest enigmas in archaeological research. Now researchers from Heidelberg University…
Sep 13, 2019 15:53 UTC Science Read More

Boulder falls on Virginia highway after meteor lights up the night sky, confusing many
A boulder came out of nowhere and landed on a Virginia highway late overnight, leading to confusion when a meteor was also reported the same night along…
Sep 13, 2019 13:46 UTC Science Read More

Universe might be billions of years younger than previous calculations
The universe may have been lying about its age. A new study suggests that the universe is a couple billion years younger than previous estimates.
Sep 13, 2019 11:00 UTC Science Read More

This Hungry, Hungry Supermassive Black Hole Has a Monster Appetite
A supermassive black hole located millions of light-years away maintains a very hearty diet. The black hole is 250 million light-years from Earth, at the center of a…
Sep 13, 2019 10:38 UTC Science Read More

New Test to Measure The Expansion of Our Universe Provides Even More Puzzling Results
Advances in astronomical observation over the past century have allowed scientists to construct a remarkably successful model of how the cosmos works.
Sep 13, 2019 01:26 UTC Science Read More

‘Flying fish’ robot propels itself out of water and glides through the air
A bio-inspired robot can use water from the environment to launch itself into the air, researchers revealed.
Sep 12, 2019 23:56 UTC Science Read More

The rare molecule weighing in on the birth of planets
Astronomers using one of the most advanced radio telescopes have discovered a rare molecule in the dust and gas disc around a young star—and it may…
Sep 12, 2019 21:00 UTC Science Read More

Molecular biologists reveal new insights into tumor progression
University of Delaware molecular biologist Mona Batish and collaborators at Harvard Medical School and University of California, Los Angeles, have identified a…
Sep 12, 2019 19:56 UTC Science Read More

Hide and squeak: scientists reveal the playful lives of rats
The next time you come across a rat darting furtively for cover, consider this: It might just want to have a playful game of hide-and-seek.
Sep 12, 2019 19:52 UTC Science Read More

A New Way to Measure Cosmic Distance Could Help Solve a Frustrating Inconsistency About the Universe
We can add yet another way to measure the universe's expansion onto the pile of controversy that could perhaps be the most exciting story in cosmology today.
Sep 12, 2019 19:01 UTC Science Read More

New Discovery Advances Flexible Solar Cells a Step Closer to Reality
Could help to bring about low cost, flexible and stable organic solar cells for use on vehicles, curved surfaces and windows; Reducing surface area of electrodes…
Sep 12, 2019 18:32 UTC Science Read More

This Ancient Belt Buckle Retrieved from ‘Russian Atlantis’ Looks Like a Bedazzled iPhone Case
Around 2100 years ago, a woman was buried in a site now known as the 'Russian Atlantis' with an unusual accessory resembling a modern iPhone.
Sep 12, 2019 18:31 UTC Science Read More

Quantum physics for regular people: Is reality even real?
Everything you assume about the universe, the laws that govern it, and how objective reality works is probably wrong. What goes up doesn't have to come down,…
Sep 12, 2019 18:17 UTC Science Read More

Gem-like nanoparticles of precious metals shine as catalysts
A Northwestern University research team has developed a new method for making highly desirable catalysts from metal nanoparticles that could lead to better…
Sep 12, 2019 18:00 UTC Science Read More

Building mountain biodiversity: Geological and evolutionary processes
Mountain regions are unusually biodiverse, with rich aggregations of small-ranged species that form centers of endemism. Mountains play an array of roles for…
Sep 12, 2019 17:48 UTC Science Read More

Quantum Darwinism seen in diamond traps
How does our predictable everyday world emerge from the hazy, probabilistic rules of quantum mechanics? That puzzle has vexed physicists since quantum…
Sep 12, 2019 17:48 UTC Science Read More

Researchers Discover the Surprising Reason Why Komodo Dragons Have Such Elaborate Armor
Bony plates called osteoderms (colored orange) cover the skull of an adult Komodo dragon. Credit: The University of Texas at Austin. Just beneath their scales,…
Sep 12, 2019 16:57 UTC Science Read More


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